First Airmail Stamp of Canada

25 Sep 2018  Tue

On 21st September 2018Canada’s Post Office Department (now Canada Post) introduced the country’s first airmail stamp. It was released at a time of intensive activity in Canadian airmail development.

The airmail services of Canada began with experimental service between Montreal and Rimouski, designed to connect with trans-Atlantic steamers, and to speed up mail to and from Europe. This was soon followed by additional services, mainly to points that were cut off during winter.

Hence, the inaugural airmail stamp was issued on Sept. 21, 1928. Printed by the Canadian Bank Note Co., the five-cent denomination stamp was symbolic and pictorial in character. The design features an allegory of flight, being a monoplane above two victories pointing to the map of Canada on the globe below them.

The airmail stamps of Canada became a example for rest of the world many countries around the world followed suit as transporting mail by air gained popularity.

The stamp celebrated 90th anniversary this year on 21st September.

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