Rare Russian Gold Medal Struck in 1903 to be Auctioned

25 Sep 2018  Tue

Sincona Ag is going to offer several interesting Russian coins on 22nd October in Zurich, Switzerland. One of the highlights is a medal struck in 1903 to celebrate the construction of the Troitsky (Trinity) Bridge in St. Petersburg. The medal would be offered with an opening bid of 100,000 Swiss francs.

The obverse features busts of Nicholas II, Czar Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna. The reverse features the bridge along with an inscription. The 176.53 grams gold medal has a diameter of 64 millimetres. The medal is in Extremely Fine condition and was once in the hands of French president’s grandson, physician Andre-Felix Berge.

Nicholas II was the emperor during those times. Czar Alexander III and Princess Maria Feodorovna of Denmark got married in 1891. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this wedding, the construction of Trinity Bridge across the Neva River began in 1897. The then president of France, Felix Faure was also invited to lay the foundation stone. Construction of another bridge named “Pont Alexandre III” was also commissioned in the same year in Paris by Nicholas II. This bridge also represents Franco-Russian alliance.

Five to six medals were struck in gold for high-rank officers. One of these medals was given to Nicholas II and is currently showcased at the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. Another medal was given to architect Paul Bodin and was auctioned for €153,000 in 2016. The one which is offered by Sincona Ag was presented to Felix Faure.

Image Courtesy: Sincona Ag

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