Wheel money of Celt’s

24 Sep 2018  Mon

The first reference of ancient British coins first came to light in 1586, when William Camden published them with some woodcut in Britannia. Later on, fully researched and classified research paper on these coins was published by John Evans in 1864 known as 'Coins of Ancient Britons'. These coins are basically Ring money or Wheel money made of different metals, the reference image of this article it a potin wheel coin.

Celtic currency is also referred as proto-money; these coins were circulated within the Celtic tribe. These pieces of metal were carried around by wearing them on clothes or tied together with the rope. The Celtic money came in different shapes and sizes. The distinct among them is the beautifully shaped wheel coins.

The above shown coin was struck from unknown mint around 1st century BC, the weight of this coin is 1.67 grams.

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Image Courtesy: Stephen Album Rare Coins

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