Coin of Muizz Al Din Kaiqubad

24 Sep 2018  Mon

Sultan Muizz Al Din Kaiqubad ruled the Mamluk dynasty from 1287 to 1290 AD. He was a son of Bughra khan the independent Sultan of Bengal. After four years of reign, he was murdered in 1290 by a Jalal al-din Firuz Khilji.

Kaiqubad introduced variety of gold, silver, copper, and billon coins during the reign. These coins issued in the denomination of Tanka, Paika, Adli, Gani and there different fractions.

One of his gold Tanka which issued from Hadrat Dehli mint is listed at 40,000 to 45,000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery. The obverse of a coin showed the legend ‘As Sultan Al Azam Muizz Al Dunya Wa Al-din Abul Muzaffar Kaiqubad As Sultan’. The reverse of a coin inscribed with ‘al-Imam al-Musta'asim Amir al-Mumineen’; with date and mint details in margin.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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