First Commemoratives of Albania

24 Sep 2018  Mon

Commemorative Albania stamps first appeared in January 1924 to celebrate the Opening of the Constitutional Assembly.

During the time there were a lot of important events going on in Albania, leading up to the proclamation of the republic in 1924, but there was little time to design and produce new commemorative or pictorial definitive stamps at the time. As a result, most of the commemorative and pictorial definitive stamp issues of 1924 consist of various overprints on the pictorial definitive stamps of 1922.

The five pictorial definitive stamps of 1922 were overprinted with "Mbledhje Kushtetuese" or "Constitutional Assembly" at the top. There is an additional diamond-shaped overprint on each stamp which reads "TIRANE / KALLNUER / 1924" or "Tirane / January / 1924".

The new constitutional assembly formally dissolved the (now, permanently exiled) Albanian monarchy. The new constitution provided for the creation of a parliamentary republic, with a powerful president, who would serve a seven-year term as the head-of-state and government.

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