Two Interesting World Notes Issued in 1945 Offered by MA Shops

21 Sep 2018  Fri

Let’s take a look at two interesting old world banknotes that are being sold online at MA-Shops. The first one is a 1000 Gulden banknote from The Netherlands which was issued in the year 1945. It features a portrait of Willem van Oranje on the obverse. Willem was considered to be the founder of Netherlands. The reverse features an image of ‘’Afsluitdijk’’ which is an Enclosure Dam in the Netherlands which was built between 1927 and 1932. The 32 Km dam was an architectural marvel in those days as it crossed the Sea by connecting one landmass with the other. Both of these design elements make the Dutch feel proud. The note is being offered by MA Shops for 4.100,00 EUR.

The second note is a 1000 Francs banknote from France that was issued by the USA for Allied-occupied France in 1945 after the battle of Normandy. These notes are also known as flag ticket francs and are found in various denominations such as 2,5,10,50,100,500,1000 and the 5000 francs. Higher denominations like 1000 francs and 5000 francs are rare. They were not circulated for a long time as Charles de Gaulle considered them to be fake. However, after Germany lost the war, the same notes were circulated again. The note's design resembles that of the American dollar. It is being offered for 4,795.00 USD at MA shops.

Image Courtesy: MA Shops

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