Narayan Guru attended Great Silence

20 Sep 2018  Thu

Today on 20th September, 1928, Narayana Guru entered great silence or Maha Samadhi. His way of living and teaching set a chain in motions which affected people all over the Indian sub-continent. Narayan Guru was also known as Nanu, he was born in a village near Trivandrum in 1855. His upbringing was gentle and was nurtured in a soulful atmosphere.

Since the early age, the glimpse of a scholar has been visible in him. The turning point of Narayan Guru’s life came when at the age of 15 he lost his mother. This event gave him the drive to understand life in a better way and analysis the philosophy related to truth.

Narayan Guru went in search for truth, he performed penance in the ranges of Kanyakumari and travelled for 15 long years. The knowledge that he acquired in his journey became the bases of his teachings. In the coming years, he revolutionised many thoughts, bestow wisdom and light to the masses. Narayan Guru showed people a healthy new way of life which was contracted on individual interest.

To celebrate the life and teaching of such a great personality and to commemorate his birth anniversary India Post issued stamp in 1967.

Image Courtesy: Mintage world

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