SBP Dismisses Rumours about Demonetisation

20 Sep 2018  Thu

There were many rumours floating throughout the internet, misleading the general public that Pakistan’s Rs 5,000 banknotes are soon going to be demonetised. However, the State Bank of Pakistan has clarified through a statement that no action of this kind is going to be taken. The SBP has also requested the citizens to not pay attention to these rumours and stop spreading them via social media or any other means.

The statement revealed that the SBP has no plans to stop the circulation of Rs.5000 or any other banknote. Neither has the bank given any kind of suggestion about this idea to the Federal Government or Cabinet.

The SBP has assured that it will give a prior notification in case a step like this has to be taken. It also announced that the general public will be given a lot of time to get their notes exchanged during the demonetisation process.

Related information and updates are shared on SBP’s website as well, which are also shared through its social media channels. It is believed that such rumours are floated to create fear and confusion among the masses and the SBP officials have strictly asked the people to not follow or spread them.

Image Courtesy: Google images

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