‘Save Forest Stamp’ of Croatia

20 Sep 2018  Thu

Croatia Post released a cartoon like stamp with the value of 3.10 Euros. The main motive behind issuing such stamp is to deliver the important message “Save Our Forests”.

The stamp is based on Marina Mohorovicic – a geade 2 student at an elementary school of Croatia. The original design has been polished by Lidija Novsel who produced such an interesting philatelic item.

This bright stamp depicts a picture of a hedgehog that has a forest on its back instead of its spokes and the trunks represent hands. The top of the stamp is inscribed with a message in Croatian language which means “Let’s Protect our Forests”.

In Croatia, a forest is sign of fertility and prosperity. Due to growing deforestation, this beautiful country is gradually losing its wealth. Many campaigns are being conducted to save this natural treasure. Philately is one of the bases.

Image Courtesy: https://findyourstampsvalue.com

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