Kikumon stamp of Japan

19 Sep 2018  Wed

Kikumon, also called the Chrysanthemum Seal, is The Imperial Seal of Japan. It is one of the national seals and a crest used by the Emperor of Japan and members of the Imperial Family.

During the Meiji period, no one was permitted to use the Imperial Seal except the Emperor of Japan, who used a 16 petal chrysanthemum with sixteen tips of another row of petals showing behind the first row.

This identity of Japanese Royalty has been depicted on the stamps of the nation. However, this particular stamp is a special one. Issued in the year 1888, the stamp dedicated solely to the Imperial Crest of the country.

The 1 Yen stamp features the sixteen petal white flower in the centre within a double circle which is inscribed with “Imperial Japanese Post” in Japanese at the top and English at the bottom. A Japanese coat of arms is seen on the top corners where as the bottom is inscribed with the Value of the stamp.

This stamp was is the circulation between 1888 and 1892.

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