Guatemalan Banknotes to be Produced in Poland

19 Sep 2018  Wed

The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) is now going to produce five and 10 Quetzales banknotes for Banco de Guatemala starting this year as per a new contract. The notes will be printed with an admixture of synthetic fibres. Officials stated that this is PWPW’s biggest order in cooperation with Guatemalan central bank. The Polish company has been capturing the Latin American Market since 2011 and Guatemala has been one of their regular clients.

The company has produced banknotes for Paraguay and many other Latin American countries. They are also producing 55 million banknotes for the Dominican Republic, 170 million for Honduras, elements of passports for Equador and passports for Honduras.

Some historical facts about Guatemala

Obsidian arrowheads dating back to 18,000 BC were found in different parts of Guatemala. It is believed that early Guatemalan settlers were hunter-gatherers. There is archaeological evidence which suggests that maize cultivation had developed by 3500 BC.

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