50th Anniversary of United Nations Commemorative Coin

19 Sep 2018  Wed

The World War II which took place, between 1939 and 1945 had brought lots of destruction to the entire world. Looking to the destruction caused due to World War II, the representative of 50 nations met at San Francisco, (USA) to form an international organization which will aim uniting nations to make the world free from war, secure in peace, held together by brotherhood, and dedicated to the social and economic betterment of mankind.

The United Nation was established on 24th October 1945 at Lake Success; New York. India was one of the members of the United Nation since of Beginning. On 26th June; 1995 Indian Government had issued 5 Rupee Commemorative coin on United Nation. The obverse of this coin depicts the emblem of United Nation; within the swing of ‘5’ of 50, the year 1995 appears at the top of UN emblem and Inscription; ‘50th ANNIVERSARY OF UNITED NATION’ in roman and ‘SAMYUKTA RASHTRASANGHA KI 50 WI JAYANTI’ in Devnagari written at upper and lower half of the periphery.

Image Courtesy: ebay

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