Sagol Kangjei

18 Sep 2018  Tue

Did you know that an Indian game called ‘Sagol Kangjei’ which is originated in Manipur has been adopted as modern game of ‘Polo’ all over the world?

Sagol Kangjei is the name of the game of polo played in Manipur. According to Kangjeiron Purana, polo was first played in Manipur, and therefore, it got the name Sagol Kangjei, which is derived from the Manipuri words ‘Sagol’ which means horse, kang is Ball or round object, and Jei is a stick used for hitting.

The story behind the origin of the game in Manipur is very fascinating. According to an eminent Sanskrit scholar, Pandit Sharma, Manipuri polo goes back to the year 3100 B.C.

King Kangha, who reigned Manipur is believed to have introduced Sagol Kangjei. During festival known as Ukrong Hongba, he demonstrated how a bamboo root clump could be dribbled with his walking stick, and asked his subjects to play the game on horseback. The mention of this game also can be found in the Royal Chronicle of Manipur, Cheitharol Kumbaba.

Polo has, for time immemorial, been a game patronized by the royalty and the upper crust of society, not only in India but abroad. However in the state of Manipur, it has always been a game for the common man.

India post has issued postage stamp to commemorate the occasion of 150th Anniversary of introduction of Sagol Kangjei to the world.

Image Source: Mintage World

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