100 Markkaa of Finland Issued in 1926

17 Sep 2018  Mon

The first gold coin of independent Finland is going to be offered by Stack’s Bowers Galleries during its October Collectors Choice Online Auction of Ancient and World coins. Alexander I of Russia conquered Finland in 1809. He also granted the new “Grand Duchy of Finland” some autonomy within the empire.

The Bolshevik revolution of 1917 created a lot of instability in the Russian State. The Finnish nationalists took this chance to seek independence which ultimately led to a civil war. Finland took help from the German Empire and a German Monarch was appointed. However, the Germans lost World War I and Finland became an independent democratic republic.

The obverse features the unique Finnish lion. Its right hand is replaced with a human hand which is holding a sword. The lion walks over a Russian sabre, to indicate victory over the Russians. Other inscriptions on the obverse include the date along with the text Finland, written in Finnish and English.

The reverse features a spruce wreath inside which denomination “100 MARKKAA” is inscribed. Graded MS 66 by NGC, it is the finest example of its type. The strike is clear and detailed while the surfaces have a satiny sheen.

Image Courtesy: Stack’s and Bowers

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