Aurangzeb’s silver Rupee of Trichanapali mint

15 Sep 2018  Sat

Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb was the sixth Mughal Emperor of India. His reign lasted for almost half a century (from 1658 to 1707). It was marked by several conquests and the vast expansion of the Mughal Empire.

Aurangzeb coins used poetic verses to praise his rule on the obverse side of his coins and the reverse had a formula that was copied by all succeeding Mughal emperors including the regnal year of the emperor along with the mint place.

The above shown silver Rupee of Aurangzeb was issued from Trichanapali mint. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with Persian legend ‘Sikka Zad Dar Jahan Chu Badr Munir Shah Aurangzeb Alamgir’. On the reverse of this coin one can read ‘Zarb Trichanapali Sanah 39 Julus Mainamat Manus’. Classical Numismatic Gallery sold this coin for INR 95,000 .

The mint name Tirchanapali inscribed on the coin is modern Tiruchchirappalli. This extremely rare Mughal style coins were struck bearing this mint-name after 1693-94, it was the time when Mughal forces under Zulfiqar Khan pursued a campaign against the Maratha Chhatrapati Rajaram besieged at Gingee. At that time the Mughal threatened the Queen Mangammal, the regent queen of the Nayaka of Madurai. Their capital at the time was based at Tiruchi. The queen warded off the Mughal danger by paying a tribute, some of which might have been paid in form of these similar coins. These coins were struck to acknowledge her obeisance to the Mughals.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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