New Stamps Honour Canadian Armed Forces

14 Sep 2018  Fri

Canada Post has been releasing one postage stamp every day, this week to honour the country’s Emergency Responders. The one issued on 11th September is dedicated to the Canadian Armed Forces at Valcartier base in Quebec. A total of five non-denominated permanent-rate stamps would be issued in this Series.

Officials stated that when local emergency teams are unable to handle big natural disasters, the Armed Forces are deployed for rescue operations. Experts from different fields like engineering, health services, aviation, logistics come together to handle such emergency situations. Regular and reserve members use specialized equipment to execute evacuations, provide aid, transportation, undertake search and rescue missions, and handle other important tasks during emergencies in Canada and other countries.

The other stamps in the series honour Canadian paramedics, search and rescue experts, firefighters, and police officers. A booklet of 10 with two stamps of each design and a pane of five stamps are available for sale. An FDC is also released for each stamp.

Image Courtesy: Canada Post

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