A Philatelic Tribute to Canadian Paramedics

11 Sep 2018  Tue

Canada Post is going to release a new stamp every day this week, to honour organisations and teams which are responsible for keeping every citizen in Canada safe and secure. The non-denominated permanent-rate stamp which was released yesterday (10th September) at the Ambulance New Brunswick headquarters in Fredericton, is a tribute to the Paramedics team.

The Paramedic Association of Canada comprises of over 20,000 practitioners. Canada Post and designers consulted this Association to finalise the design. The stamp features Paramedics serving to a woman in need of medical care. The team provides medical care during emergency situations and saves thousands of lives.

Be it heart attacks, drug overdoses, trauma events, or accidents, the Paramedics team assesses the situation quickly and makes use of its medical expertise to attend critical situations. They also coordinate with other emergency responders to provide the best treatment in the shortest time possible.

Canadian Armed Forces, search and rescue experts, firefighters, and police officers would be honoured on the other stamps from the series. A booklet of 10 (two of each design) and a pane of five are available for sale. A First Day Cover will also be released for every stamp.

Image Courtesy: Canada Post

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