Uzbekistan Releases New Coins into Circulation

11 Sep 2018  Tue

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan released new coins of denominations 50 soums, 100 soums, 200 soums and 500 soums on 2nd July. These coins would be legal tender across Uzbekistan and can be used for daily transactions within the territory.

Apart from the introduction of new coins, circulation of certain old coins and banknotes has also been discontinued from 1st July. The currency notes and coins which have been withdrawn from circulation include 50 soums issued in 2001-2002, 100 soums issued in 2004 and 2009; and 50 and 100 soums banknotes issued in 1994. 200-soum and 500-soum banknotes will also be withdrawn from circulation slowly till 1st July 2020.

The old coins and banknotes which have been withdrawn from circulation can be exchanged for new ones at various banks.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Uzbekistan

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