Roman Gold Coins Unearthed In Como, Italy

10 Sep 2018  Mon

Ancient Roman Coins from the 5th Century AD, enclosed in a soapstone jar, were unearthed from the basement of the Cressoni Theatre in Como, north of Milan, Italy. Archaeologists are still researching on the historical and cultural significance of this find. There are reports that these coins could be worth millions of euros.

The coins are now at a restoration lab in Milan where archaeologists and historians are doing their research. A press conference has been organised where details about the first 27 coins will be revealed.

Cressoni Theatre was closed in 1997 and the site was supposed to be demolished for constructing a luxury residence. However, the demolition process would not begin until the excavation ends completely. Experts suggest that there is a possibility of finding jewellery and gold ingots from the same site. The site is near Novum Comum forum, where several important Roman artefacts were discovered earlier.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

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