Syrian coin illustrating monument

10 Sep 2018  Mon

Syria is quite fond of depicting its different historical and archaeological monuments on coins. One of the beautiful specimens is the copper-nickel 10 pound coin issued in 1996 which depicts the ruins of Palmyra on its reverse side.

The ruins of Palmyra are the ancient archaeological site located in modern Syria. It was established around the 3rd millennium BC as the settlement of Tadmor. It was the major city of east and the centre of the silk route. It is a good example of the Greco-Roman style of architecture with Arabic and Persian essence.

In 2003, Syrian mint issued an updated version of this coin depicting Palmyra ruins. There are many coins issued by the Syrian mint illustrating different ancient landmarks like the Roman amphi theatre at Bosra on the two-pound coin, the Citadel of Aleppo on the five-pound coin and also the Central Bank of Syria on the 25-pound coin.

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