Highlights of Imperial Auctions

10 Sep 2018  Mon

An online auction No. 15 was held by Imperial Auction on 8th September 2018, it consists of a varied amount of specimens in its lot. The feature image of this article illustrates the gold dinar of Gahadavala king Govinda Chandradeva of Kanauj. It is quite a beautiful coin of this lot depicting goddess Lakshmi and Nagari legend.

The next collection of this auction was the gold coins of Gupta dynasty of Chandragupta I & II to Samudra Gupta auctioned at a price from INR 50,000 to 3, 50,000. This lot also consists an enduring copper coin of Setupatis of Sivaganga, they were feudatory under Madurai Nayakas.

Many coins from Indian Princely States like Bahawalpur, Baroda, Bharatpur, Bhopal, Cambay, Chamba, Gwalior, Jhabua, Jhalawar, Karuali were auctioned at this auction. The copper coin of Victoria Empress was also sold in this auction. The silver coins of Edward VII are the fascination highlight of this auction.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auctions

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