Seahorse on Coins from Barbados and Samoa

07 Sep 2018  Fri

Barbados and Samoa released .999 fine silver coins featuring a seahorse. The obverse of the Barbados dollar features the golden coat of arms with Barbados flowers and the bearded fig tree. A dolphin is shown on the right of this shield to denote fishing industry while a pelican is shown on the left for Pelican Island, which is a small extension and a part of the Deep Water Harbour development. A helmet and mantling are shown over the shield. Hand of a Bajan holds two crossed pieces of sugarcane to denote sugar industry. Other inscriptions include the motto PRIDE AND INDUSTRY, face value and purity.

The reverse depicts the seahorse with images of other oceanic creatures in the background. Coin name, purity and year of issue are also displayed on the reverse. It has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and each one comes in a protective packaging. They are released by APMEX and are legal tender in Barbados.

Samoa also released a 2-tala coin featuring a seahorse on the reverse. A mosaic motif that looks like a stained glass window represents the sea-grass bed where the seahorse tricks its predators. The obverse features the Samoan crest and denomination.

The coin has a mintage limit of 30,000 pieces and each one comes in a protective plastic capsule. Sets of five and 125 are also available in a sheet and box respectively. Scottsdale Mint has struck these legal tender coins of Samoa which are distributed by APMEX.

The seahorse has a horse-like head and is found mainly in the tropical waters near Samoan Islands. It feeds or hides in the ocean’s mangrove forests and sea-grass beds.

Image Courtesy: APMEX

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