ICMR Commemorative Coin

07 Sep 2018  Fri

ICMR stands for Indian Council of Medical Research; it is one of the most important bodies of our country which helps us for the formation, coordination, and promotion of Biomedical research. It is one of the oldest medical research bodies in the world.

In the year 1911, Government of India had made a setup known as Indian Research Fund Association (IRFA), it was set up with a specific objective such as sponsoring and coordinating of medical research in our country, But after the Independence, several important changes were made in the organization and the activities of the IRFA and in the year 1949 it was renamed as ICMR.

A government of India had issued 5 Rupee commemorative on 15th November 2011 in the occasion of completing 100 years of ICMR. The Indian government had also issued Rupees 100 coin on proof and uncirculated specimen.

Image Courtesy: ebay

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