Stockholm Skyline Stamps of Sweden

06 Sep 2018  Thu

Stockholm Skyline Stamps are the early commemorative stamps of Sweden which were issued on 4th July 1924 in order to celebrate the 8th Universal Postal Union Congress, held in Stockholm.

The first commemorative stamps of Sweden appeared in the year 1920 followed by the second commemorative issue in the year 1921. Though both of the issues are considered to be important ones, the Stockholm Skyline Stamps turned out to be the distinct one compared to the early issues which featured portraits of kings.

Stockholm Skyline Stamps include a set of 12 stamps that came with the denominations raging from 5 Ore to 80 Ore. The design features a composite view of Stockholm's skyline in the centre. The year of issue i.e. 1924 is inscribed between the towers.

The denomination can be seen above the skyline along with three crowns arranged on the left most tower. At the bottom of the skyline “VIIE VARLDS POST KONGRESS STOCKHOLM” is inscribed which is flanked by dolphins.

The set also had three higher denominated stamps of 1, 2 and 5 Krona featuring a left-facing portrait of King Gustaf V.

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