One of kind coin issued by Australian Perth Mint

05 Sep 2018  Wed

A one of a kind coin worth 2.5 million dollars has been released by the Perth Mint, this coin weight around two kilograms and has four diamonds attached to it largest is 1.02 carats. This coin is called ‘Discovery’ and it’s a most exclusive and notable coin issued to date.

This gold coin is inspired by the holey dollar which was Australia’s first official currency in 1814, it tells the story of Australia’s early prospectors to search for gold and diamond. The discovery’s outer coin illustrates sailing ship and a rowboat being ferried to a shore as a man panning for gold outside of a miner’s tent.

This coin has two stunning pink diamonds along with Kimberley region a boab tree and kangaroos. The heart coin or the inner coin as two more pink diamonds which marks the location of Ophir, it was the place where gold was first found and the Argyle Diamond Mine.

There are seven versions of his coin before the Perth Mint settled on the current version. This coin was issued for the demand for the exclusive items.

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