Battle of Udhwa nala

05 Sep 2018  Wed

Today on 5th September 1763 Mir Qasim fought the British at Udhwa nala near Rajmahal and lost the battle.

Nawab Itimad-ud-Daula Mir Qasim was put on the throne of Murshidabad by East India Company, replacing his father-in-law Mir Jafer, on 20th October 1760. Mir Qasim soon began to show a will of his own and to cherish dreams of independence. He eventually shifted his capital from Murshidabad to Munger in Bihar where he raised an independent army.

Mir Qasim reorganized the administration, army and finances of Bengal. His protested to the company against the misuse of Dustaks, led to declaration war against him by the English and Mir Qasim’s defeated at Katwa (2 August 1763) and Udhwa nala (5 September 1763).

This silver Rupee of Mir Qasim which weighs around 11.57g was minted at Munger in 1176 AH. The obverse of the coin depicts Persian couplet for Shah Alam II which reads ‘Sikka (Zad Bar Haft) kishwara Saya Fazl Ilah Hami Deen Shah Alam Badshah’. The reverse of the coin reads ‘Zarb Munger Sanah 4 Julus Mainamat Manus’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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