Justice Stamps of Spain

05 Sep 2018  Wed

Since, the first stamp issue of January 1850, Spanish Post has done an incredible job in honouring the magnitude of the country.

The incredible history of Spain is not just about the conquests and settlements but it is, in fact, about the contribution of Spain in shaping up the modern scenario of the world. A historical legacy like this is a cause for commemoration.

Since 1850 Spanish Post has issued a number of stamps on various themes. One of the classified stamps is the “Justice Stamps”. Issued on 1 July 1873, the Justice stamps are part of a new definitive series introduce in the 1870s.

On 1 July 1873 a set of ten stamps were issued with a common design and different denominations ranging from 2 Spanish Peseta to 10 Spanish pesetas. The design features an allegory of the seated figure of Justice, holding a sword and the Scales of Justice in a circle with inscription “COMUNICACIONES” the denomination around.

The eleventh stamp among the set was a 10 Cents stamp that features the Coat of Arms of Spain.

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