Newspaper Stamps of Serbia

04 Sep 2018  Tue

A newspaper stamp is a special type of postage stamp used to pay the cost of mailing newspapers and other periodicals.

Special Serbia stamps for use on newspapers were introduced in 1911. Before that date, all 01 Para and 2 Para definitive stamps had been issued with the intent of being used on newspapers. A set of eleven stamps were issued which came with different denominations from 1Para to 50 Para which were the lower denominations an 1 Dinar, 3 Dinars and 5 Dinars were the higher denominations.

The stamps feature the allegorical representation of State of Serbia sitting on a throne. Serbia is shown heavily bejeweled denoting the prosperity of the country. The stamps are inscribed with the name of the country in top left side and the denomination in words at the bottom flanked by the figure in numbers. Each of the stamps is overprinted with a crown-topped shield in black.

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