Porcelain Postage Stamp by Czech Republic

03 Sep 2018  Mon

Cesky porcelain of Dubi released a unique limited series of porcelain postage stamps on the occasion of the Specialized World Stamp Exhibition Praga 2018.

These bright porcelain stamps have the size of a credit card and are decorated with devein colour onion pattern named Natura which is a protected pattern of the manufacturer. The stamp is a beautiful white and blue.

500 pieces were specially manufactured for the Specialized World Stamp Exhibition Praga 2018 and another 600 on the name of Czech Philatelic Union. 80 stamps out of 600 were gifted to the guests from 80 countries with their names written on the stamps in gold. The remaining 500 stamps were to be sold at the exhibition.

Praga 2018 is the largest philatelic event of Europe with the objective to promote philately and to develop relations and philatelic culture to maintain cooperation among the philatelict throughout the world.

Image Courtesy: https://findyourstampsvalue.com

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