Crab on Titanium Coins form Falkland Islands

03 Sep 2018  Mon

Pobjoy Mint released new titanium and cupro-nickel coins featuring a Crab for the Falkland Islands. The crab is one of the 10,000 identified species of Decapods which are found in oceans, fresh water, and on land. Unlike other decapods, crabs’ tails are curled from the middle. It has a broad upper body shield and its first pair of legs is modified into pincers.

The Falkland Islands is home to several types of crabs and the “hairy crab” is most commonly found. They are seen in subantarctic waters and can dive up to 120 metres deep. It reduces magnesium content from its body to adjust themselves to extremely low temperatures.

Due to global warming and rising boating activities, these crabs might settle in the shallow waters of the Antarctic soon. This will increase the current population and improve understanding of these unique species.

The coin’s reverse design features a crab on the seabed with its legs spread wide. Each coin has a different colour and lined effect as titanium reacts differently with every strike. The obverse depicts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin comes in an acrylic capsule, which is then placed in a red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Cupro-Nickel version comes in a blue presentation pouch.

Image Courtesy: Pobjoy Mint

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