First Charity Stamps of New France

01 Sep 2018  Sat

The first St Pierre and Miquelon stamps, issued for the purpose of raising money for charitable purposes, appeared in 1915.

Historically, St Pierre and Miquelon is the last remnant of the once vast French Empire in North America, known as New France. New France included the colonies of Canada (Quebec), Acadia (Maritime Provinces and Maine), Newfoundland (Newfoundland Island and Labrador), and Louisiana (Louisiana Territory).

These are regular definitive and commemorative postage stamps, but they have a "value added tax" or "surtax" on them, designed to raise additional money for national organizations, public events, and public charities.

These islands, nestled between Canada and the United States, participated in the World War-I. About 400 male residents of this tiny colony fought in the French military during the war, with an estimated 25% of them having been killed in action. It seems appropriate that the first St Pierre and Miquelon stamps for charitable purposes were issued during World War I.

The stamp features a portrait in centre with “Saint Pierre et Miquelon Poste around. This 15 centime stamp was added with 5 C. surtax on the sale of the stamps was donated to the Red Cross.

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