Fulmarine Pretel Stamps of St Pierre and Miquelon

01 Sep 2018  Sat

Fulmarine Pretel Stamps were one of those early issues of St Pierre and Miquelon which were indigenous issues of the country.

French stamps and French Colonies stamps had been in use in the territory since 1859. The year 1909 was a big year for St Pierre and Miquelon stamps! The colony began creating and issuing their own postage stamps, with the inscriptions being printed in French.

Thirty-two pictorial definitive St Pierre and Miquelon stamps were issued between 1909 and 1930. These new definitive postage stamps were large, pictorial stamps, showcasing subjects that would be meaningful to the residents of the islands. The stamps were based on three main designs. One among them is the Fulmarine Pretel Stamps.

Resembling the seagulls, the Fulmarine Pretel is the most commonly found bird in the country which has sort of become its identity. Hence, this bird of national importance is featured on one of the first stamps of the country.

The stamps feature the bird flying on the background of a serene sea landscape. The stamp is inscribed with Saint Pierre & Miquelon at the top and “Postes” at the bottom flanked by a French Coat of arms and the denomination.

Image Courtesy: https://www.hipstamp.com

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