Postage Stamps Find Art in Landscapes of Australia

31 Aug 2018  Fri

Australia released a set of four $1 domestic-rate stamps called Art and Nature on 12th June. These stamps feature aerial photographs of landscapes in an artistic way. The size of these stamps is larger than normal because Australia Post wanted to clearly depict the painterly quality of abstract landscapes.

One stamp depicts a photo of an estuary and sandbanks at Cape Capricorn taken by Richard Woldendorp in 1997. The other three stamps feature photographs of shifting sands of Shark Bay, waves crashing at Wyadup Rocks and the pink waters of Lake Mac-Donnell, all taken by Christian Fletcher.

MacDonnell is pink in colour because of an algae that breeds well in high salinity levels found in the water. However, the shades keep changing depending on seasons, cloud cover, salinity levels and the time of day.

Designed at Andrew Hogg Design, the stamps were printed in four booklets of 10 and in a souvenir sheet with the four se-tenant stamps by EGO.

Image Courtesy: Australia Post

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