Finest Known 1934 Peace Dollar Auctioned

31 Aug 2018  Fri

A 1934 Peace dollar, graded PCGS MS-67, form the Anne Kate Collection with a Green CAC sticker was sold for $108,000 by Stack’s Bowers Galleries at ANA auctions in Philadelphia. Only three such coins are found in a similar grade and none are finer.

Almost 1 million coins of this type were produced. However, very few examples are found in top grades. In 1928, the production of Peace Dollars came to a halt. The Silver Purchase Act came into effect on 18th June 1934. As per this Act, there was a need to mint silver dollars in 1934 and 1935 again. Not much care was taken by the Philadelphia Mint for striking these coins in 1934, due to which many of them are lacklustre and unattractive.

The offered coin features soft lustre and a bold design. The centre of obverse has a warm golden tinge while the borders are peach in colour. 28 coins of this type have been graded MS-66+ by PCGS. One such example with a green CAC sticker was auctioned for $7,931.25 in December 2017 by Legend auction.

Image courtesy: Stacks Bowers Galleries

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