Join Issue Celebrates Traditional Dance Forms of India and Armenia

30 Aug 2018  Thu

A joint issue between Armenia and India was released on 29th August to honour the National dances of respective countries. Two stamps of the denomination AMD 280 each were printed at Cartor house in France. 40 000 copies of each stamp have been printed. HayPost CJSC designer Vahagn Mkrtchyan created the Armenian stamp design, while Suresh Kumar designed the Indian stamp.

The traditional Armenian dance “Hov Arek”, performed by women is celebrated on the first stamp. The dance is based on a folk song “Hov arek sarer jan” which translates to “Dear mountains, send me a breeze”. The song is composed by famous Armenian composer and priest Komitas.

The traditional dance form called “Manipuri” is celebrated on the second stamp from India. It is one of the main Indian classical dance forms of the country which originated in Manipur. The dance form is known for its delicate, lyrical and graceful movements.

The postage stamps were cancelled by several important dignitaries from Government bodies and postal departments, representing both countries.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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