Commemorative Coin on Family Planning

30 Aug 2018  Thu

The population is one of the most daunting problems of our country. It is one of the densely populated countries, of the world. Some of the major population problems of India are as follows

1. Rapid Growth of Population.
2. Disproportionate Gender Composition.
3. Poor Standard of Living and Malnutrition.
4. Unemployment.
Some of the most important causes of over Population in our country are
• The Birth rate is growing at a higher rate than the death rate. The death of the person is declining at a higher rate but not the birth rate.
•The fertility rate due to the population policies and other measures has been falling but even then it is much higher compared to other countries.
• The resources like land, water, and forest are been exploited and due to this there is a scarcity of resources.
• Unemployment in our country is increasing at a higher rare this is due to economic depression and slow business development.
To spread the awareness about the population Indian Government had issued this 2 Rupe Commemorative coin on ‘FAMILY PLANNING’, on the occasion of ‘World Population Day’ which is held on 11th July 1993.

Image Courtesy: Ebay

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