Star Overprint Issue of the USSR

28 Aug 2018  Tue

The USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics came into existence after the October Revolution of 1917 that brought about the downfall of the Russian Empire. However, during the early years as the country was fighting economic crisis, it was not until the year 1922 the country began to show a slow growth.

By the end of 1922, the Russian Civil War would finally come to an end and the RSFSR would become the dominant player in the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Proof of which is, the Star Overprint Issue of 1922.

The star overprint stamps are referred to the 'Imperial Arms and Post Horns' type stamps of the Russian Empire which were issued between late 1922 and early 1923 and overprinted with a star. The overprint features a star with the symbols of agriculture (sickle) and industry (hammer), which would eventually be used as the National Emblem of the USSR.

The stamps were overprinted with the new denomination ranging from 5 Ruble to 200 Ruble. The stamps were issued both perforated and imperforated. Though a lot of errors occurred during the production of these stamps, such as inverted and double surcharges, they are relatively common.

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