Silver Tanka of Tripura

27 Aug 2018  Mon

Tripura rose to prominence and extend its rule in the plain beyond its hilly territories and also saw its political supremacy in the 16th century when Bengal ruler became inadequate to protect its own territory. Later in the 17th Century, Tripura came under the sovereign of Mughal Empire and rulers of Tripura became merely Zamindars. This system remained same even during British Raj in the 19th century when Tripura was a hilly territory and formed into the Princely State of Hill Tipperah.

This Silver coin was minted in the reign of king Dhanya Manikya, its obverse side consists of a lion facing right and date inscribed below it within the toothed rim. The reverse side of this coin depicts legend in Bengali script, which reads “Chattigram Vijayi Sri Sri Dhanya Manikya, Sri Kamala Devyau'' in four lines within a square. This silver Tanka was minted in Tripura to celebrate military succession and victory of capturing Chittagong by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya.

The most fascinating thing about Tripura coins is that they have the name of their Kings and queens consistently throughout their coinage. It is the only coinage in the world to follow this system.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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