Copper Coin of Bijapur Sultanate

27 Aug 2018  Mon

The Bahamani Sultanate was ruled by the five dynasties namely Bijapur, Golkonda Ahmadnagar Bidar and Berar. Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur was a Shia Muslim Dynasty. The Adil Shahi dynasty traces its origin back to Yousuf Adil Shah, who was the governor of the province, before creating a de facto independent Bijapur state.

Bijapur had been a province of the Bahmani Sultanate (1347–1518), before its political decline in the last quarter of the 15th century and eventual break-up in 1518. The Bijapur Sultanate was absorbed into the Mughal Empire in the year 1686 CE, after its conquest by Emperor Aurangzeb.

This copper 2/3 Fulus was issued by Muhammad Adil Shah. The weight of the coin is around 7.4g. Both obverse and reverse inscription on the coin is not properly readable.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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