Commemorative Coin on Food and Nutrition

25 Aug 2018  Sat

Food is the basic necessity of life and a nutritious food acts as a fuel and provides energy to our body.

As we all know that the food we eat is digested and absorbed, and the body uses it to do other needful activities. Our body requires all types of Nutrition like protein, Vitamin, Carbohydrate, Iron, Calcium etc. A healthy diet involves all types of nutritious food.

The healthy diet should consist, fruits and vegetables, all types of green leafy vegetables and also the fruit and vegetables which are red and orange in colour. Grains like wheat and brown rice plays an important role in the diet. A good and healthy diet keeps us away from all types of diseases and unhealthy diet causes deficiency disease like Blindness, Anaemia etc.

The Indian Government had issued 1 Rupee commemorative coin on 16th October 1992, on the occasion of 12th World Food Day. The obverse of this coin depicts the images of some nutritious food like Sheaf of Paddy, a Fish, a glass of milk, some fruits and vegetables, on the top coin has the FAO Emblem and at the bottom coin has an inscription ‘VISHWA KHADYA DIWAS’ in Devanagari and ‘WORLD FOOD DAY’ in Roman with the date 1992, the inscription ‘KHADVA EVAM POSHAKATA’ in Devanagari and ‘Food and Nutrition’ in Roman around. The Reverse of the coin depicts ‘ASHOKA'S LION’ with the legend ‘SATYAMEVA JAYATE’ and denomination 1 below, the inscription ‘BHARAT RUPAYE’ in Devanagari to right and ‘INDIAN RUPEE’ in roman to left.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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