The flavour of Indian Food Part 9: Baby Appam

24 Aug 2018  Fri

Steaming with soft textured Appam of southern Indian find in different variation to suit the alteration added to it. This super dish is found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka; it was developed in the Indian subcontinent and most favourite dish for breakfast and dinner.

It is made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk and is known as appam, appa,aapa, aappam, chitau pitha, paadu and gulle eriyappa in Malayalam, Tulu, Tamil, Sinhala and Oriya. It is also called Kodava and arpone in Burmese.

The variations are offered in this dish are plain Appma-a bowl-shaped thick pancake, Palapaam- a sweet texture appam served with coconut milk, baby appam-small ball of the plain dough. Kallapaam id made adding Kallu: Palm wine. There is also Neyyappam the famous dish of Syrian Christance. There is also Kandarappam made of four dals and jaggery a sweet dish.

Appma is also a famous part of Indonesian cuisine, the variant of appam is called Kue apem there.

India Post has issued a stamp in 2017, to promote the regional cuisine of India. This stamp was fashioned with a delicious image of baby Appam.

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