Mallard on Latest Austrian Coin

24 Aug 2018  Fri

The last Austrian coin in the annual “Wildlife in our Sights” series features a mallard. These adaptable ducks are commonly seen in Park lakes, rivers and canals everywhere in Western Europe.

The breeding male mallard or drake has a glossy bottle-green head and a white collar. The female is mottled but both birds have unique purple-blue feathers with white edges on their wings' backs.

The series was introduced in 2013 and the six 100-euro Proof quality gold coins feature Red Deer, Wild Boar, Capercaillie, Fox, Alpine Ibex and Mallard. All these animals are depicted beautifully in their natural habitat on coins.

The obverse of the latest coin features a swimming mallard drake while a mallard family is depicted on its reverse. The 986 fine gold coins will go on sale on 3rd October and has a mintage limit of 30,000 pieces. It comes in a box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. A wooden collector case containing all coins in the series is also available for sale.

Image Courtesy: The Austrian Mint

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