“Orange Tree and Brabant Lion” Stamps of Netherlands

23 Aug 2018  Thu

“Orange Tree and Brabant Lion” stamps of Netherlands are two peculiarly designed stamps which are among a set four stamps which were issued on 9th March 1923. The stamp has more of a symbolic meaning

On the said date, a set of four lower denomination definitive stamps were issued. Among them, the 1 cent blue and 2 cent orange stamps came to be identified as the “Orange Tree and Brabant Lion” Stamps. The stamp features an orange tree in railing and a lion leaning on its trunk. The name of the country is at the bottom flanked by the denomination numbers. The stamp represents an allegory of the Royalty of the country.

The orange tree represents the title "Prince of Orange" which is traditionally borne by the heir apparent of the Dutch monarch. On the other hand, the lions represent the state of Brabant. It appeared first time Brabant's coat of arms with as a golden lion with red claws and tongue and later imitated on the coat of arms of Netherlands which was regulated by Queen Wilhelmina in a royal decree of 10 July 1907.

Hence, the stamp featuring the both is a combination of Royal Duchy of Orange and Brabant which constitute a major part of current Netherlands.

Image Courtesy: https://www.stamp-collecting-world.com

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