Gold Gadyana of Rashtrakutas

22 Aug 2018  Wed

Todywalla Auction has come up with another lot of illustrating, rare and fascinating coins in its upcoming auction at World Trade Centre, Mumbai on 1s September 2018. One of the enchanting specimens of this lot is the gold Gadyana of Rastrakuta King Krishna II, its opening bid is starting from INR 7, 00,000.

Rashtrakutas were the royal dynasty ruling the larger part of the Indian peninsula around 6th to 10th century CE. Its dynastic symbol was Garuda. This coin illustrates a cross-legged Garuda seated on a lotus within ornamented border on this obverse side of the above-shown gold gadyana.

Most of the Rastrakuta king adopted titles; many of them have similar titles. This coin has a tile inscribed on its reverse side, which reads ‘Shri Shubhtunga’ in Nagari script. A pseudo-Arabic legend is also depicted on both sides within the border. The Arabic legend indicated the good trade relations of this empire with Arabs.

This gold coin is in very fine plus condition and extremely rare, it weighs around 4.13 grams. So what are you waiting for don’t miss this golden opportunity and grab this coin before it’s too late!

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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