Scinde Dawk offered at the price of 12,000 dollars

22 Aug 2018  Wed

On 16 August the scarce blue one-half Anna Scinde Dawk of 1852 is offered for the price of 12,000 dollars by Gaertner auction. Sinde Dwak is the first adhesive postage stamp in Asia; it is also first round stamp in the world. There are two popular designs of this stamp one in read and another in blue with same value.

These stamps were very delicate due its red sealing wax wafer design embossed with backing of paper. Many of these stamps were destroyed while opening the letters because it was often used as a seal on them. Later on, many improvisations were done and blue coloured stamp made up of simultaneous printing and embossing were circulated.

This auction house offered stamp is catalogue as unused without gum; it is also trimmed at right and has various tiny upper marks. Yet it is a stunning copy and a rarity.

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