Leading Currency Producers - De La Rue

22 Aug 2018  Wed

CBS This Morning news program shared some interesting information about leading currency producers De La Rue on 4th August. The program revealed that most countries do not design or print their own banknotes. Another alarming fact is that De La Rue has designed over one-third of the world’s currency notes. There is a lot of demand for banknotes as almost 30 per cent of the world’s adults don’t have bank accounts.

The company also has hackers on board who counterfeit designs to test the security devices and other such features that are created by De La Rue. The company designs banknotes to highlight history as well as current events of a nation. It also worked on a project for the Maldives to raise awareness about environmental problems and global warming.

De La Rue produced new notes for Iraq in record time after Saddam Hussein’s government was dissolved in 2003. They also produced non-legal tender Star Wars: The Last Jedi notes for a charitable cause.

Image Courtesy: CBS This Morning

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