Music for Dancing on Liechtenstein stamp

21 Aug 2018  Tue

Set of eight bright and colourful stamps are issued by the Liechtenstein Post illustrating the various amusing and fun-loving motifs depicted various dance forms like Jazz, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Electro, Folk Music, Country, Samba and Classical. These radiant stamps are designed by illustrator Luigi Olivadoti.

These stamps bring together the games of the two halves together, dance and music complement each other in such a way that religion and civilization choose to signify that together. In India, the classical dances are related to the gods, one of the finest examples is the Lord of Dance Shiva. Music is like the soul and dance is like the material body, one need both of them, to give meaning to existence.

Even in the country like Spain the hybrid form of music and dance, flamenco is closely related to historical, social and cultural development. The tradition of music and dance was widely followed in this region of Europe until the 19th century without being documented.

In modern time dance and music are developed making it immensely popular within the younger generation. The above show stamp also shows these dance forms like hip-hop and Electro.

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