Two Gear-Shaped Coins That Celebrate Industrial Revolution

21 Aug 2018  Tue

Perth Mint released two Antiqued Proof 1-ounce .9999 fine silver gear-shaped coins for Tuvalu to celebrate the invention of steam energy and electricity respectively. When you turn a dial on the presentation case, the gear-shaped coins rotate inside. These two historic inventions led to major technological developments and were crucial for the First and Second Industrial Revolutions.

The reverse of one coin depicts an early steam locomotive and the railway; the chimneys of old mills; a flywheel and other components of a steam engine; and an early steamboat. The other coin’s reverse feature a light-bulb, its inventor Thomas Edison at Pearl Street Station in front of its electrical generating equipment, electrical discharges from a Tesla coil. The Tesla coil was invented in 1891 to produce very high voltages. It was used by Nikolai Tesla to work on wireless transmission of energy.

The common obverse design features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, text QUEEN ELIZABETH II, the date and the denomination. The coin has a diameter of 38.5 millimetres and a thickness of 4.1 millimetres. The set is enclosed in an acrylic case which has a dial to rotate the coins. The case comes inside a themed shipper which carries a numbered certificate of authenticity. 1,000 sets are available for sale and each set can be purchased for $149.95 U.S.

The Industrial Revolution began 200 years ago when handcraft workers from rural areas migrated to cities to work in factories. It had a big impact on economics, politics and culture. Matthew Boulton and James Watt invented the steam engine. It was earlier used to pump water from coal mines. The second industrial revolution took place in 1870. It was during this time that electricity was invented by Thomas Edison. Ever since then, electricity has become the main source of industrial power.

Image Courtesy: The Perth Mint

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