World's First Souvenir Sheet

20 Aug 2018  Mon

Though, the world’s first stamps were issued by Great Britain, the honour of issuing world’s first souvenir sheet or miniature sheet goes to Luxembourg.

On 3rd Jan 1923, a pane of one stamp was issued by Post Luxembourg being termed as the first souvenir sheet. This small pane with broad margins frames a single green stamp showing a view of Luxembourg. Earlier Luxembourg miniature sheets were sold in 1906 and 1921; however those sheets contained contemporary definitive postage stamps that were readily available for purchase at post offices.

This sheet was a special printing of a stamp that would be officially issued two months later. The special printing marked the birth of Princess Elisabeth, who was born Dec. 22, 1922.The design of the 10 F. denomination stamp features a View of Luxembourg City from the park in front of Fort Thungen. The stamp is inscribed with “GRAND-DUCHE DE” at the top and “LUXEMBOURG” at the bottom flanked by 10 on left and Fr. on right.

Souvenir sheets were once reserved for truly special occasions. The souvenir sheet was not just World’s first but also was the first 10 F. denomination postage stamp produced in Luxembourg.

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