Commemorative Coin on Supreme Court of India

20 Aug 2018  Mon

Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial court and the final court to be the appeal from the decision of High Court. It was established on 28th January 1950. The Supreme Court of India is an appellant court which takes an appeal against the judgment of the High Court. It is a safeguard for the fundamental right of each and every citizen and also settles down the various disputes which take between various state governments.

The Indian government has issued a 2 rupee commemorative coin in the year 2000 on the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee for the establishment of Supreme Court. The obverse of the coin depicts ‘Ashokan Lion’ with ‘ Ashoka Chakra’ above and with the slogan ‘Yato Dharma Stato Jaya’ in Sanskrit below, which means “where is a Dharma there is a victory” with the date 1950-2000 written at the bottom. The inscription ‘SUPREME COURT OF INDIA’ written in Roman on the right side of the coin and ‘BHARAT KA UCHCHATAM NYAYALAYA’ written in Devanagari on the left side on the coin. The Reverse of the coin depicts ‘ASHOKA'S LION’ with the legend ‘SATYAMEVA JAYATE’ and denomination 2 below, the inscription ‘BHARAT RUPAYE’ in Devanagari to right and ‘INDIAN RUPEE’ in roman to left.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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